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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is 3XWrestling?

3XWrestling is a company, based in central Iowa, that runs live professional wrestling events. 3XWrestling Entertainment LLC is the legal name of the business. 3XW is licensed to hold professional wrestling events in the state of Iowa with the Iowa Athletic Commission. 3XWrestling, called 3XW for short, provides a family friendly night of athletic entertainment for everyone in attendance.


How long has 3XWrestling been in business & how often are events held?

3XWrestling was formed in early 2005 and generally hold events on the first Friday of the month at the Des Moines Social Club - Kum & Go Theater. We also hold events in various locations through the state of Iowa.


Is this like WWE?

It is like WWE in the aspect that we run professional wrestling events. We do pride ourselves in the fact that our events are very family friendly and that families with young children do not have to worry about what they might see or hear during one of our events.


Are your wrestlers trained to do this?

Yes, all of our wrestlers have been professionally trained how to wrestle they make their best effort to put on the best matches possible for all of the great fans that attend our events.


Where are your events held?

3XW has held events in many different towns & cities across Iowa. Some of the towns we have held live events in Iowa include: Des Moines, Perry, Ottumwa, Prescott, Adel, Fayette and Waukee. We have held events at Upper Iowa University, Iowa State Fairgrounds, South Dakota State Fairground, Dallas County Fairgrounds, Cherokee County Fairgrounds, Boone Fairgrounds, Adventureland Palace, Barattas Forte Center, Des Moines Social Club Kum & Go Theater, High Schools, Middle Schools and National Guard Armories.


Do you do take part in any special events?

Yes, in the past we have held a wrestling event in conjuction with the Bad Boys of Racing's Night of Destruction Demolition Derby at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.


3XW also participated in the Iowa Comic Book Club's I-CON 2006 & 2007 events held in Des Moines. Every holiday season 3XW takes Toys for Tots donations at the door of the event that is held closest to that time of year.


3XW has also been part of beneit shows in the state. In June 2007, 3XW held a benefit show in Prescott, Iowa for the Children's Hospital of Omaha. 3XW has also participated in multiple benefit shows for injured athletes who had little or no insurance.


What type of crowd do your events attract?

3XW live events attract a wide variety of people to our events. A large portion of the crowd is made up of 18-30 year old males & females. We also attract families with the parents or grandparents bringing young children, with ages varying from 4 years of age to 14 years of age. At past events we have had parents bring entire birthday parties of kids to watch the wrestling event.


How do I bring 3XW to my area?

If you are interested in having 3XW come to your area of the state, please send an e-mail to We are available to travel and can set up our ring for a multitude of events. This includes, but is not limited to: fundraisers, county fairs, town celebrations, etc. We can hold wrestling at a large or small event with no problem. We also have access to bring in talent not currently on our roster if so desired.


Feel free to contact us via email: Get tickets to see 3XWrestling live! Talent inquiries for wrestlers, referees, managers, and valets. Questions or comments pertaining to 3XW's new Training Program. Information on sponsoring 3XW. Information on advertisement space on Any questions, comments, or concerns concerning 3XW's online store. Information on renting our professional wrestling ring. Professional Wrestling Events are a great way to raise money for your school, frat, charity, club, etc. If you are interested in bringing the 3XWrestling to your event/area contact us. General questions, comments, or concerns that do not fit into any other catergory. Questions or comments regarding


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